Welcome to Waste Wood Management

Environmentally FriendlyWaste Wood Management is the focal point in Auckland for recycling clean wood into premium products, minimising landfill waste and cost. As collection and supply agent for Reharvest Timber Products, (www.reharvest.co.nz), wood waste, including industrial wood waste, is made into a range of mulches including commercial mulches and domestic mulches.

The environmentally friendly mulches created from the clean waste wood are used as mulches for motorways, home garden mulch and a premium mulch – Cushionfall® is used for recreational playgrounds in council parks, schools and kindergartens.

Offering an eco-friendly wood disposal facility as an alternative to landfill, by having your waste wood products collected by Waste Wood Management, you can be assured you are assisting us in reducing our carbon footprint and helping the environment.

Best of all – as you drive along the motorways, or watch your children play in local park – you may be seeing your old wood back in use, it’s the best kind of recycling!

We pride ourselves in making high quality products so please do not bring the following:

  • Wood treated with leaded paint, CCA pressure treated, penta or creosote coated wood or any type of pesticide or fungicide treated wood.
  • Ensure that all plastic, cardboard strapping, hardboard, MDF and wood composite products are removed.
  • We want your solid wood waste material of all types only.

We accept for recycling:

  • Clean yard debris and wood
  • Clean Wood Waste – all types
  • Pallets and Timber Packaging
  • Crates, boxes and timber offcuts.